I make the web a better place.

That might sound presumptuous of me, but there are a lot of really terrible sites out there. And every time somebody comes to me and says "Help! I give a hoot about my web presence!", I do my part to create something unique. Ultimately, that's good for everybody.

Most of the sites below are built on a Servee backbone. I test all of my sites in IE6 and up, Firefox 2 and up and Safari, and hand-code my sites with semantic xHTML/CSS. I rely heavily on the JQuery javascript library and for custom development work, I rely on Issac.

  • Akron City Council
  • Grace Summit Community Church
  • Hina Environmental Solutions
  • Holcomb Custom Homes
  • Lepi Real Estate Services
  • Cleveland Marathon
  • Roll Independent
  • Atlanta Dog Watch
  • Muskingum County Historical Society
  • Redheart Ministries


I heart print design.

I currently focus on web work, but I'll aways get excited about a new print project. For four years, I was the only designer on staff at Highland PR in Akron, Ohio. Most of the work below was done during my time there.

  • Acculine Golf Ball Package (Student work)
  • Akron City Council Newsletter
  • Jellies: Rhythm in the Blue Entryway Mural
  • Lorain Public Library Identity Package
  • Lorain Public Library System Newsletter
  • Veterans Service Commission Newsletter
  • Akron Zoo Billboard Campaign
  • Akron Zoo ZooTales Newsletter

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