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On one hand, I can't leave well enough alone. On the other hand, there are a lot of good reasons for this realignment.

Those close to me know that my personal design projects are never "finished." Whether it's a redesign of this site, of the Servee interface, or the Servee marketing site, I've always got ideas for improvement. These ideas sometimes strike in the shower, in church, or anywhere else that I should probably be paying attention to what I'm doing. I immediately sit at my computer or sketch pad and start to tinker.

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The Hit List

One of the many reasons why
Macheist was a great buy

I was just lamenting to Issac (developer and co-creator of Servee) a couple of weeks ago that I wanted a good to-do list/calendar/CRM. We ranted on for a while about what our ideal business management program would look like. Then we went back to work, only to buy a couple copies of the  Macheist bundle a week later.

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Do we need more font selection on the internet?

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